Team Building Practices

Team Building Practices

This Fall many companies will offer team building activities for their teams. Money and time will be spent. What really are the goals behind team building and how do they apply to you?

There are a number of reasons to do team building, including:

  • increased knowledge of teammate’s personalities and behavioral styles

  • increased awareness of one’s own impact on others in the team

  • build trust and rapport through shared experiences, even if they are ‘just fun’

  • increase awareness of each team member’s specific strengths

  • allow for and encourage creativity

  • increase engagement through deepened relationships

There are other benefits, but these cover many of the main benefits.

Team building is not just formal. It is not just “off-site” sessions with a trainer or coach. Team building happens casually in so many ways.

Who on your team, who that you work with, would you benefit from getting to know better?

What relationships should you be getting to know better?

Those people that we think differently from can be difficult to work with. Instead of just hanging out with the people that we are the most like, do yourself a favor and spend some time with the people that you are most different from. Try to approach opportunities to get to know these colleagues with curiosity about how they see the world and what unique strengths they bring to the team.

Booking one-on-one times with co-workers can be a powerful way to increase engagement and improve your own enjoyment of your job. Take time to book lunches and even just coffee with co-workers.

Make use of conversations to understand your colleagues better. You can talk about the weather but how about talking about things like:

  • What they would like more of from you

  • What they enjoy most about their job

  • What books inspire them

  • What keeps them up at night with their job

  • In five years where do they see themselves

What questions do you wish your team mates would ask you? How about asking your teammates what question they would love to be asked? Have your question ready too, tell them what question you would love to be asked.

If this is all enjoyable for you perhaps you are the resource your team needs to help plan a full team building event. There are many resources online for any goal that your team wants to accomplish.

The more engaged you are at work and the better your relationships there, the more you are going to enjoy going to work every day!

Happy team building!

Until next time,


Marilyn Orr, MA, CEC, PCC is an Executive and Leadership Coach with Capacity Building Coaching, holding her Professional Certified Coach designation with the International Coach Federation.

Marilyn provides professional coaching for executive and business leaders, mentor coaching for coaches, and leadership development support in the form of coaching skills training and soft-skills development.

Marilyn is author of everyday resiliency workbook “How Absorbent Are Your Shocks?”, available on Amazon. Subscribe to “Marilyn’s Musings” twice monthly blogposts for more leadership and professional development content.

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