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    The Loneliness Pill

    Really, a Pill for Loneliness?There truly is research going on for this right now. is not that this isn’t a major problem. It is a huge issue now and trends show it having grown.22% of adults in the USA “always or often” feel lonely.   Read More...

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    Increasing Your Emotional Awareness

    A dear friend of mine said to me once, “you know what I need before I do”.Being sensitive to emotions and subtle language cues is not something I was born doing. In my mid-twenties I was oblivious to my own anger. I mean, really oblivious.   Read More...

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    Ho Ho Ho or Humbug?

    Although the potential for a happy holiday is present for many of us there are any number of ways that it can go sideways and be highly stressful.This blog post is for you. The few of you that have an easy holiday ahead, I applaud you and remind you to really appreciate how amazing that is, and likely, how rare.The potential de-railers come in a number of forms: relatives that we find difficult to be around, a lack of control over our own schedule, too much time socializing (if you are more intr...  Read More...

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    Are you Smarter Than All Your Friends?

    Are you Smarter Than All Your Friends?This is meant to be sassy. Here’s the point. Are you surrounded by people that just appreciate who you are without challenging you or pushing you towards a better you?It is amazing to have people around us that affirm us.   Read More...

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    Finding Your Voice

    In a couple weeks I have the honor of speaking with up to 200 people about advocating for oneself. Finding our voice - not just to speak up for ourself but to create opportunities for advancement, acknowledgement and compensation.This is such an important topic. So many messages get in the way of us promoting ourselves.Self-promotion equals arrogance, is the opposite to humilityI’m not perfect, not the best person for the promotions, etc.I should focus on what I need to work on, focusing on stre...  Read More...

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    Emotional Intelligence & Releasing Our Inner Critic

    Sometimes I get asked how I come up with my ideas for blogging. Truly, it is life and what is going on around me.Blogging has been great for giving me eyes to look at life and try to see the lessons and analogies that could be helpful.So, two things I’ve been focused on in the past few weeks have collided inside my brain and you, lucky readers, lol, get to hear about it.Emotional intelligence is something you know I’m passionate about if you have been following my blog. Lately though it is takin...  Read More...

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    How To Unleash Creativity & Innovation In Your Team

    Lately I’ve been reminded about the power of diversity. It can come in so many forms. Right away my mind goes to cultural diversity but there are so many important aspects of diversity.   Read More...

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    Uncover Your Blindspots With This Emotional Intelligence Tool

    Blessed blindspots ... We all have them. Those parts of how we see ourself or how we relate to others that just don’t quite line up with how others experience us.These blindspots can cause all kinds of issues for us - from preventing us from getting promoted to stress in our closest relationships.There are many ways to uncover these blindspots - ask your partner what you do that’s annoying, complete a 360 evaluation or simply have kids and wait until they are teenagers, they will tell you, for s...  Read More...

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    How To Bring Moments Of Wellness Into Your Day

    This week I'm sharing a blog post I wrote this time last year on the topic of wellness and living in the present moment. I think it's a great reminder for us all in our busy lives ...There is a bumper sticker in the town where I live that says something to this effect: “If I’m driving too slow for you, you are in the wrong town”.Depending what mood I’m in or if I’m in a hurry I either find this adorable or very frustrating.Some of you are living extremely bu...  Read More...

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    Resiliency in Action

    The American Psychological Association gives this definition of resilience:"The ability to adapt well to adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, and even significant sources of stress.”If life didn’t come with lots of stress we wouldn’t need to focus on resilience so often.Since there is no shortage of stress, never mind adversity and trauma, we need to be actively engaged in increasing the behaviors, the thinking and the emotions that support us being able to bounce back to full functioning.If you...  Read More...

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    Ultimate Pain Treatment with Dr. Martin

    It was a total joy to have my brother Dan here in Texas for our debut wellness event at The Cedars Ranch, "Fierce Self-Compassion: Unplug Your Inner Critic" with Dr. Kristin Neff. In families we play certain roles.   Read More...

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    Why Self-Compassion Is Life-Changing

    Compassion is a word the vast majority of us easily embrace as a beautiful value. You might consider it one of your core values. It may be the lens that you want to see the world through.“Compassion involves "feeling for another" and is a precursor to empathy, the ‘feeling as another’ capacity for better person-centered acts of active compassion; in common parlance active compassion is the desire to alleviate another's suffering.” far so good, righ...  Read More...

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    Letting Go Of Appearances

    Lately life has offered Bill and I a seemingly endless set of experiences where we can choose between extremely stressed out or regaining perspective with the long-game in mind.We had our soft opening for The Cedars Ranch. People arrived from far and wide to celebrate with us. Amazing.   Read More...

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    Stretching Beyond Your Comfort Zone

    As I write this I’m about to be the attendee at a conference that is in a related field but not my official field of coaching.So?It has me feeling two things that I think are worth contemplating.First, as an extrovert I’m excited to meet hundreds of strangers. Enjoying that aspect of this may not apply to you. However, getting to hang out with people that are not our normal “tribe” allows us to hear new ideas, see the world from a different perspective and gain new skills...  Read More...

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    How To Start Your Year With Intention

    Resolutions that stick are accompanied by appropriate goals and actions. So, let’s just jump to the specifics. Today’s blog post is simply an outline you can use to be really intentional about your 2019. Enjoy! (As a bonus to yourself, you can set a reminder for yourself every few months to encourage yourself to stay with your goals!) Relationships:1.   Read More...

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    Unplugging Your Inner Critic

    When I think about critics I think about the infamous Statler and Waldorf muppet characters. They crack me up. (Statler and Waldorf wikipedia)However living with a pair like that would be horrid.   Read More...

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    Increasing Emotional Resiliency

    In the coaching world we talk about “self mastery”. I see it as the foundational work we need for ongoing resiliency. That ability to bounce back and even thrive during or after difficult times and situations is made up of multiple skills, habits and beliefs.   Read More...

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    Strong Women Make Waves

    One of my dearest friends gave me a present this year for my birthday. I love it. Many of my closest friends are strong women. Most of my coaching clients are strong female executives. So? Well, I want to write today’s blog to them but also to the people who live with them, work with them, watch them.   Read More...

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    Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Poorly!

    “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly!” This is a great and memorable quote of our friend Nancy’s Mom. (Thanks Nancy for sharing this and the link to Tim Wu’s article!) It is surely not what our society is telling us these days. In fact, I make a living in the coaching world, one dedicated to helping people meet or exceed goals, be their absolute best, achieve, etc. This is not a blog about giving up on reaching higher and achieving. Tim Wu recently wrote an opinion pie...  Read More...

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    Breaking the Habit of Self-Sabotage

    Today's "Marilyn's Musings" blog post is written by guest blogger, Susan Hemmings:Who’s In For the Ride?In the past summer I went to Canada’s Wonderland with my brother and nephew. We love the rides and I wanted to enjoy the thrill of the speed and excitement of being in zero gravity! I love rollercoasters and Leviathan is one of the biggest coasters in the world.   Read More...

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