Getting Comfortable With You

Getting Comfortable With You

I just had the privilege of being interviewed on Ms Entrepreneur. It was really enjoyable but also a chance to practice great self-talk and self-compassion.

The amazing host, Janie, made the interview so enjoyable. A few weeks ago I was interviewed on the radio and that was a bit of a stretch for me. This was a FB live video interview. Both were great opportunities for me to simply show up as me and bring what I have, who I am. I could not bring what and who I am NOT.

I couldn’t bring skinny Marilyn. I couldn’t bring who I will be 5 years from now. I could not bring anything other than who I am. To quote Brene Brown, “I am enough”.

Let’s get cheesy for a minute. Only you can be you so do it well! You will spend a lot of time in your mind so make it a nice place!

If I let myself focus on what I am not or am not yet it takes away from what I am and what I can offer.

What is limiting your confidence? What is keeping you from showing up boldly somewhere in your life?

How do we get more comfortable with our current, real, not perfect self?

  • Increase self-compassion (see Dr. Kristen Neff’s website for helpful ideas).
  • Become more aware of your self-talk (what's that nasty little yellow duck saying to you?)
  • Make a new tape - fight back to shut your duck up!
  • Write yourself a love letter! (Step back if it helps, as if you were writing to a dear friend.)
  • Practice gratitude - instead of general gratitude, how about 3 things per day about yourself that you are grateful for?

Beating yourself up for what you are not is paralyzing - setting goals and creating action plans for growth is a much more productive answer.

Acknowledge that those imperfections you are so aware of can keep you both approachable and humble. (Watch Brene Brown a few more times on her TED talk :))

Changing your thinking about yourself is possible! The benefits in happiness, freedom and possibilities are really endless.

I’m rooting for you!

Until next week,


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