Why I Love to Cry

Why I Love to Cry

If you know me you know I cry easily.

I worked hard for that. I had to learn to cry. Some of you can relate, some of you may think I’m crazy.

There are the obvious reasons for loving a good cry. We know that our bodies store emotion - grief, disappointment, sadness, anger, etc. There are a few really effective ways to discharge that energy and having a good cry is one of them.

It not only has a cleansing (detox) effect but can actually bring us cognitive clarity about what is happening. Some of us get the clarity and insights first and some of us get the tears first. We need to listen to both our head and our heart and often those need to be separate experiences to really be thorough.

Here are some less obvious reasons why I embrace tears:

I feel very alive and in the moment, it ends any distancing I may have been using from myself (you know, “I’m too busy to stop and notice how I am feeling right now” stuff). It re-awakens passions and longings.

It is an opportunity for intimacy. Vulnerability is one of the most predictable places for love and acceptance. True vulnerability is extremely attractive to us humans - it is where we most deeply connect with each other. So, I love letting close friends and family in to that vulnerability and let them love me. (Bill is amazing at this, no need for advice, fixing, just love.)

It brings to the surface any murky unclear feelings I have been having. Even without talking or conscious thinking, just listening to the feelings by giving them space brings them in to focus.

So, some of you reading this may need to set aside some time to “feel”. Some of you wish you knew how. When I was learning to be easily able to access my emotion I used to watch some kind of “tear-jerker” show and use it as a springboard. Another tool is to just start writing about what you are aware of with respect to how you are feeling. That usually peels back a layer and gives access to the next layer.

What emotions have you not paid enough attention to?

What is your best emotional release? If not crying, then what?

Until next week,


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