Marilyn R. Orr, MA, CEC, PCC - Executive & Leadership Coach

Marilyn’s commitment to building capacity through coaching has been very personal. With the support of coaching she has transformed her own life, business and future. At her core, Marilyn Orr believes in the power of coaching. She has her own coach. She hires specific coaches for her own personal and professional growth needs.

With a professional counseling background and a passion for seeing people free to be their best, Marilyn became convinced that the philosophy and tools of coaching were the best fit for her core values. In addition to a Masters’ degree in Counseling Marilyn obtained a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University in 2005. Most recently she completed an advanced coaching graduate course in Mentor Coaching. 

Shortly after beginning her coaching career, Marilyn's need to build community led her to found a local International Coaching Federation chapter where she was living at the time in Eastern Canada. This new space provided coaches with mutual and beneficial support that had been absent. This chapter has gone on to become the dynamic community that it is today, spanning four Canadian provinces. In addition, she have just completed a 2-year presidency of the International Coach Federation of Austin, Texas.

Marilyn had the honor of been chosen to be part of a respected team of coaches who equip medical professionals throughout Western Canada with new coaching tools and skills that positively impacted their respective practices and communities of influence. 

Learning and facilitating learning are life-long passions for her. An expression of her gained wisdom comes in the form of her book “How Absorbent Are Your Shocks?”, an everyday resiliency workbook.

As a highly intuitive extrovert Marilyn brings a lightness and freedom to the work she is doing - be that one-on-one coaching, facilitating learning, training or team capacity building. Although Marilyn is yet to follow in her son’s steps and get on stage as a stand-up comic, audiences do enjoy her humor and ability to incorporate fun and laughter.

For the past twelve years Marilyn has supported the growth and transformation of thousands of individuals and a large number of organizations across the United States and Canada. Marilyn has a strategic partnership with Vision Coaching Inc. giving Capacity Building Coaching, LLC clients access to a large network of professional coaches and industry experts.

Drawing from all of her experiences, Marilyn is enjoying pursuing her current inspirational vision with the same dedication that has been recognized by her peers as her signature approach.

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Strategic Partner with Vision Coaching Inc.

Code of Ethics

ICF coaches are set apart, in part, by their commitment to a strong shared Code of Ethics. Please read the Code to understand more on the practices adhered to by Capacity Building Coaching, LLC.

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Dave Veale, CEC, PCC

“I've had the pleasure of working with Marilyn Orr for the last 15 plus years and have watched her develop as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) over the last decade. As a colleague, I've learned so much from how Marilyn both advocates and pushes her clients in a caring, no nonsense manner. She raises the bar for her fellow coaches and helps her clients recognize - and ultimately leverage - the latent potential they hold within themselves. I would highly encourage you to jump at the chance to work with Marilyn.”

Pamela Becker, ACC, ICF Certified Coach

"I want to acknowledge Marilyn Orr as a great Mentor Coach. What I thought was insurmountable, became possible in a very short period of time. She is very easy to work with and manages group coaching extremely well. Working with Marilyn has reminded me of the privilege and integrity of the work and renewed my passion for coaching."

Susan Corbin, ICF Certified Coach

"I was in a mentor coaching group with Marilyn Orr and two other coaches who needed 10 hours of mentor coaching for ICF credentials. It was a wonderful experience. Marilyn was always gracious and on point with her feedback in areas of success and improvement. After the 10 hours of mentor coaching, I had learned a lot about my coaching style and coaching in general. An added bonus was that I felt more confident in my own coaching. I would highly recommend her mentor coaching."

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