Dream One Size Too Big

Dream One Size Too Big

I love this sign. Found it in a store last week while looking for a large Texas Star to put on one of our buildings. 

In this process of Bill and I building a retreat and wedding venue we have had countless people say “Good for you for following your dream!” and “Wow, you are actually following through on your dream!” 

At the same time I experience these comments as encouraging feedback and sad commentary. They are usually said with a bit of mild shock and disappointment. It feels like “you are following through on your dream but I haven’t made my dreams happen”. 

Does it take courage? Yes. Are we nervous sometimes as we pursue our dream, our vision? Absolutely. That’s why I love that sign. This vision, this dream to build a sustainable/green wedding and wellness retreat center is at least one size bigger than comfortable. It’s a stretch.  

That forces us to: 

* surround ourselves with experts 

* ask a million questions 

* stay humble about what we don’t know, etc. 

* support each other when, thankfully, we usually take turns feeling stressed 

* remind ourselves why we are doing this and that there is purpose beyond just growing a wonderful business. 

What supports would you need to pursue one of your dreams? 

Would you be willing to take time to imagine how your life would be different if you actually did pursue it? 

How would other people benefit if you pursued your dream? 

I have pursued other dreams before that numerous people have told me would not be wise to pursue.  

Sadly, I’m sure there are dreams I have not followed as well because of discouraging feedback. 

People mean well when they give us discouraging “realistic” advice usually but sometimes it is more about their fears then our capabilities.  Getting wise counsel is important but from people with vision and who can help you strategize around the potential barriers. 

Mentoring has been making a wonderful comeback in recent years. It used to be that if you were really lucky you may find a mentor or two in your life, often someone you met along the way. Now some companies are embracing this rich tradition more formally for their employees. What hasn’t changed is that people still seem to be really willing to mentor someone and see it as a big compliment to be asked. 

Who do you look up to that might be willing to be a mentor to you around your dream? 

Obviously, hiring a coach is a great way of getting support too. I make regular use of being coached. It is their job to give honest feedback, see potential, ask me the tough questions. 

Some of us have some old haunting messages from way back. Statements made by others that we have let limit and haunt us. These are heavy weights and they are destructive.  Can you think of limiting beliefs you picked up along the way? 

I love thinking of our inner negative self-talk as a duck. It takes work to shut the duck up, especially if it is a duck we have lived with for a long time. What do you need to tell your duck? 

How big has your duck gotten? Last year I met a very big duck. Had to include this picture. 

Please, take this opportunity to revisit your dreams that are sitting on the back burner! 

Until next week, 


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1. Charles Pederson wrote:
Great for message. I am a mentor and have been for many years. It is a blessing for my life as I get out of self & try to help others. God gives us the ability to help others if we will walk through the fear and do it!
Thank you for your post, I really enjoy them.

Charles Pederson

Fri, November 4, 2016 @ 8:37 AM

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