Don’t Tell Me I Can’t!

Don’t Tell Me I Can’t!

There is a long list of things people have told me I can’t do, shouldn’t do, won’t be successful at doing. Many of those things I have done.  

You too? 

There’s something about a challenge that I find hard to resist. Yes, I’m a bit competitive but mainly in proving things to myself. (Well, and certain games :)) 

What are some of the messages that you have received in your life that were intended to limit or “protect” you? 

Some of them were possibly gender-based. Some were out of the fears of the speaker, being projected on to you. 

Are there some of those messages that still drive you? 

Here’s the thing. I love that I can prove nay-sayers wrong but that is actually not freedom. When I am reacting to someone’s beliefs, even if they propel me forward, I’m still being reactionary. Sometimes great things happen because we react. 

However, what great things might be happening in my life if I was able to let go of the power of those limiting statements? click to tweet

Where have I been embracing the fears that someone else has when they look at what I am doing? I could not have confidence if you put me in a cockpit and said “fly this plane”. I’m not trained to do that. I don’t have those skills. My vision is not good enough. 

I can have confidence doing what I’m “called” to do. I can have confidence with my own dream and vision. In fact, I would argue that I’m responsible for following my vision because it is a puzzle piece in this world that impacts the people all around me. I want to embrace following my dreams from a place of knowing that the dream fits me and will benefit others. 

What fears have you been submitting to? Who’s voice of caution has been limiting you?  

What passion have you been limiting but actually should perhaps be pursuing? click to tweet

This week we will have our first Open House at The Cedars. We haven’t got most of our buildings up yet so even that feels vulnerable. It would be easy to entertain the fear that we have to be all together, perfect, finished, before we let people in on the dream. We are choosing not to do that. We are choosing to believe that people want to support us on our journey. 

Who can support you in your journey? Who can you share your dream with - even if it is in infancy form? 

Until next week, 


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Marilyn Orr is a Professional Certified Coach, who, through her coaching business “Capacity Building Coaching”, thrives on building both personal and organization capacity through leadership coaching and development.

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