What Your Busyness May Be Hiding From You!

What Your Busyness May Be Hiding From You!

What is one of the most common responses you get when you ask someone how they’ve been? “Real busy”. It’s almost like if we aren’t busy something’s wrong. We must not be that important or productive. We do seem to give points in our society for “busy”.  

Many years ago I read a book by a man who had done a silent retreat, FOR A WEEK! In case you don’t know me personally, I’m an Extrovert (the capital E is intentional). That is one of the hardest things you could make me do! 

The book was about how much he learned about himself during that week. That part does appeal - the more we can understand about ourself the freer we can be. I think that true freedom comes when we allow to become conscious what we have worked hard to keep sub-conscious. 

We use a lot of things to keep our fears, losses, anger and pain buried. It, unfortunately, does not lie dormant though. In ways we are often not aware of, we are influenced by the stuff we are scared to look at. Without shining the light of day on this stuff, we hold on to false conclusions and core beliefs that are not accurate. 

How do we keep these thoughts at bay? Comfort food, the constant presence of noise - TV, social media, etc. We keep our mind busy. 


I think some of our busy-ness is about not wanting to experience what happens when we stop. click to tweet

There is life on the other side of processing whatever comes up! Usually easier, better, freer life! 

So, my challenge to me and to you as we start this new year is to allow time for just stopping. Time when stuff can float up to the surface.  

Get a journal. Validate what’s coming up for yourself - it’s as simple as writing it. Insights come. Emotional detox comes. The opportunity to choose new beliefs comes. 

Take time to check in with yourself - we know it’s best practice in business to have regular check-ins with our direct reports. Same principle - do a check-in with yourself. Better yet, make it a regular date! 

What are you carrying around that you’d love to let go of? click to tweet

Until next week, 


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Marilyn Orr is a Professional Certified Coach, who, through her coaching business “Capacity Building Coaching”, thrives on building both personal and organization capacity through leadership coaching and development.

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