Blank Slates

Blank Slates

As I write this I’m looking out my window at a blank slate, in my garden that is. One of the most exciting things about this piece of property when we bought it was the fenced garden. It’s 50’ by 75’ with a fence high enough to keep deer out. (As we learned this year, not high enough to keep raccoons, etc. out, lol.) 


It was beautiful to me after not having my own place for some time. Granted, the garden had not been looked after for quite some time and it had LOTS of weeds. The stone walls were not the stone walls I would have build - they were sturdy but crooked, made of cinder blocks and not even BUT, it was a big garden. 

Having that blank space is really impactful. It is so much easier to picture what we want in there. With the old garden there we were so tempted to just make tweaks instead of really making the garden in to what we really want it to be.  

If you have been following our Cedars Ranch blog you know that this garden served us well. We have harvested: peas, snow peas, cucumbers, a dozen different herbs, asparagus, watermelon, cantaloupe, peppers, squash, tomatoes, corn, and on and on the list goes. 

So, why then, would we tear it down if it was so productive? 

We have a dream for something better in there. Something more beautiful, more inviting. 

It feels like life. We can be so satisfied with good enough that it’s hard to want to take a chance on letting go of what we have already to reach for something better. We know that what we have works at some level but we also know that we are craving and have a vision for that “something more”, whatever that may be. 

I’m not going to tell you to go for it. Only you can know if and when you should go for that dream in your life. What I can tell you is that something amazing happens inside when you follow a dream that has been niggling away at you, trying to get you to listen. 

What dream have you put on the back burner?  

Where have you been settling for “good enough”? 

If you could have a blank slate somewhere in your life to start over, where would it be? 

Until next week,


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