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    3 Steps To Encourage More Inspiration In Our Lives

    So, I just did the dishes, completed an on-line survey for a furniture store, browsed FaceBook … came back and looked at my blank screen again …Most weeks I can’t wait to sit down and write, I have something waiting to get out. What do we do in those times when we want to get inspired and nothing’s happening?What are the elements that go in to inspiration and why is it relevant to our lives? At least 99% of you reading this have plenty to do and no shortage of things waiting for your attent...  Read More...

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    7 Steps for Self-Coaching

    One of the things that consistently happens to people who have had a personal coach for awhile is that they start to coach themselves. This is not bad for business as a coach, this is truly cause to celebrate!We all are guilty of living just hoping that something specific will happen in our lives but not really doing much about it. Coaching moves us to action and strategy, two of the many reasons why it is so powerful.Behind the conversational flow of a great coaching session is a model, often w...  Read More...

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    Well, What Did You Expect?

    “Don’t get your hopes up”, “Lower your expectations”, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”.As advice goes, I personally think these 3 expressions are usually bad advice. (Honestly, they are sayings that push some invisible button deep inside of me!)It would seem that the idea behind them is that if you aren’t expecting much you won’t be as disappointed when you don’t get it.Maybe.I’m not so sure. Maybe you experienc...  Read More...

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    Break Free From Playing Small

    Don’t you love those ‘aha moments’? I had one recently that was triggered by one of my favorite quotes.Most of you have heard that amazing Marianne Williamson quote, made especially famous by Nelson Mandela in his 1994 Inaugural Speech. Here it is:Most of my childhood I attempted to be either sweet or invisible.   Read More...

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