Soul Love

Soul Love

Hello, I am Teresa Q. Bitner, a professional certified coach, speaker and author in Austin TX. I am passionate about partnering with those who have been knocked down by life and want to build resiliency and move forward with a bold life. I am honored and grateful for Marilyn’s offer to feature me and my new memoir on her blog this week.

Soul Love: How a Dog Taught Me to Breathe Again is about the death of my first husband, Kris and the journey of raw grief to living boldly. It is a story of resiliency and what raw grief looks and feels like.

My purpose in writing this book is for those who have lost hope, suffered loss, and feel alone. Many people kept telling me I was so strong and resilient. They wanted me to share my story. My intent is to reach as many as possible so that no one has to do this alone. I also invite us to start a conversation about grief and loss. Too often it’s a taboo subject in our western world. We don’t talk about it much less prepare in advance.

However, with Death - it is not IF, it is WHEN.

Leaders – Grief and loss happen. They can happen to you or in your work place.

How well prepared are you and your business? How resilient are you or your business?

You may find yourself in this situation – dealing with death, loss and grief – either as the boss, spouse, colleague, family member or maybe friend.

What do you do? How will you handle it?

Do you ever wonder what your colleagues, friends or family might be dealing with after a tragedy?

Want a glimpse into things they might be dealing with but you’d never know?

Soul Love: How a Dog Taught Me to Breathe Again provides the following:

  • Better understanding of vulnerable and raw grief
  • Seeing resiliency in action
  • Witnessing love in many different forms
  • Seeing spiritual connections where there didn’t appear to be any
  • Walking with real people through the aftermath of a tragedy
  • A raw, visceral and no hold barred read.

In Marilyn’s book – How Absorbent Are Your Shocks? She addresses the topics for resiliency and her principles for resiliency. Our books help remind us of some keys to resiliency.

  • How are we growing our resiliency skills?
  • Understanding our strengths so we can leverage them in times of crisis.
  • Having tools in our tool belt to manage our lives and be prepared.
  • Where might we want to grow this skill? Where might we be lacking?

You might be wondering. What about the dog? Here’s the backstory, Hans tells and shows the reader deep inside where Teresa didn’t want to go or talk about. He also reminds us that animals and pets can provide an immense comfort and be critical to our happiness.

Soul Love: How A Dog Taught Me to Breathe Again overview: When Kris dies unexpectedly in a motorcycle accident, Teresa and her two high school-aged sons must figure out life as a single mother and fatherless kids. They live on a 12.5-acre ranch in Texas, and keep several pet dogs—none as special as Hans, a brown Doberman that they adopt after Kris’s death. Hans’s wise brown eyes, which ‘peer deeply into your soul,’ convince Teresa that he was sent by God to be her personal grief dog. Over the next four years, Hans helps this broken family heal the anger, helplessness, and hopelessness that deep grief causes, teaching them how to forgive, love, and laugh again.

Thank you again Marilyn for allowing me to share my story. I wish you all the best and may you be resilient and live boldly. Here’s to embracing change and loss.

Peace & Blessings,

Teresa Q. Bitner, PMP, M. Ed., ACC

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Testimonial: "A vulnerable and raw memoir of a woman navigating unimaginable loss ... As I read, I often caught myself holding my breath and crying in anguish along with her. Soul Love is a story of evolution from broken widow to vibrant woman ... a must-read for anyone who is grieving, for anyone who feels alone in this process, or for anyone who knows that one day they too will surely lose someone they love." ~ Barb Klein, author of 111 Invitations: Step into the Full Richness of Life

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