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Marilyn Orr is published author of "How Absorbent Are Your Shocks?", a book on everyday resiliency. A practical workbook that you can spend 10 minutes or a few hours with at a time, this book is designed to help you take concrete steps in increasing your capacity for everyday life.

When was the last time you gave yourself more maintenance time than you gave your vehicle? The demands of everyday life are such that we need to be pay attention to our personal capacity. How Absorbent Are Your Shocks? will give you tools to increase your capacity and ability to bounce back from the stuff life throws at you. Written by a successful executive and business coach, How Absorbent Are Your Shocks? will get you creating custom-built strategies for your own unique life.

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Book Testimonial

"Marilyn Orr is my mentor coach. She’s helping me get my credentialing through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I think she’s a hoot. She’s also a really sharp woman with a background in psychology. She had me pegged from day one. Yup! It’s annoying but also really brilliant. In her book, How Absorbent Are Your Shocks?, she talks a lot about resilience.

How Well Put Together How Absorbent Are Your Shocks Is

I loved the way Marilyn put this book together. She uses the fuel tank/car metaphor throughout the book. In coaching, we often find that by using metaphors, we can make difficult concepts more accessible to our clients. Marilyn is certainly no fool. She gets this. We all can understand that we need to put more fuel in our tanks to get the best out of ourselves in life, love and more.

There are a total of ten chapters. Each deals with a different aspect of resiliency. The first chapter is a basic overview of the process. At the end of each chapter, there are journal questions and an action plan. Marilyn does NOT let you off the hook. I had to do a chapter a day. I couldn’t really do more than that, to be honest.

Resilience is Serious Business

Marilyn shares a lot of herself in the book. You can tell this was a labor of love. She is an expert in everyday resiliency. She’s been through so much in her own life. She’s a f*cking rockstar. You would do well to give her the time and attention that this book deserves. Do the exercises. Figure out the resources you have in your life and access them to live a better life during and after reading the book. Resilience can demonstrate how easily and quickly we rebound from less than desirable circumstances in our life. The more resilience we can muster, the better off we will be.

Have you ever had a bad experience in your life? Okay, you don’t have to answer. I already know. If you’re human, you’ve lived through some bad experiences. You’ve also lived through some good ones. You can bounce back from anything with a little help. Fill up your fuel tank with activities that really serve you and feed your soul as well as your body and mind.


Alright, even if Marilyn Orr was not my mentor coach, I would’ve read this book. I really think it’s helped me access some resources and insights that I didn’t know I had. I am meditating more and reading more. I am volunteering. I love to help others as a life coach and as a private person. I feel more motivated to live my life and take care of myself and others. There’s more room for others because I have more to give now. Resilience is a beautiful thing. Let Marilyn teach you how to access it for yourself. Read How Absorbent Are Your Shocks? today."

Deanna Goodson, Bariatric Badass, Life Coach and Writer. Review available:

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