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    Emotional Intelligence & Releasing Our Inner Critic

    Sometimes I get asked how I come up with my ideas for blogging. Truly, it is life and what is going on around me.Blogging has been great for giving me eyes to look at life and try to see the lessons and analogies that could be helpful.So, two things I’ve been focused on in the past few weeks have collided inside my brain and you, lucky readers, lol, get to hear about it.Emotional intelligence is something you know I’m passionate about if you have been following my blog. Lately though it is takin...  Read More...

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    Why Self-Compassion Is Life-Changing

    Compassion is a word the vast majority of us easily embrace as a beautiful value. You might consider it one of your core values. It may be the lens that you want to see the world through.“Compassion involves "feeling for another" and is a precursor to empathy, the ‘feeling as another’ capacity for better person-centered acts of active compassion; in common parlance active compassion is the desire to alleviate another's suffering.” https://en.wikipedia.o...  Read More...

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    Unplugging Your Inner Critic

    When I think about critics I think about the infamous Statler and Waldorf muppet characters. They crack me up. (Statler and Waldorf wikipedia)However living with a pair like that would be horrid.   Read More...

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