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  • Tools for Difficult Conversations

    This week I’m getting to speak in Wimberley. The Chamber of Commerce is having it’s first ever small business week with a day of seminars and a day of exhibitions. The topic is difficult conversation tools so let’s chat about that that today.As I prepared for the 1-hour workshop, I started by listing what does make conversations and conflict difficult at times:Old pain and old stories that get triggeredMaking the current conflict about way bigger themes instead of what is currentGetting defensiv...  Read More...

  • 5 Methods For More Effective Anger

    This week I have been deeply touched by a number of you sharing deeply personal stories about your own experiences with anger and rage. I have heard from people wrestling with the impact of someone else’s anger expressions but I have also heard from people who know that they might be the one expressing anger in ways that may hurt people they love.Although I’m coming from a place of having to learn to express anger, I have learned a few things over the years that are relevant for thos...  Read More...

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