What’s So Powerful About Coaching?

What’s So Powerful About Coaching?

It is International Coaching Week. I thought it would be a great time to talk about the power of coaching and what it is and is not.

So often I hear people say “Oh I don’t think I need coaching, things are going well.” To use a sports analogy that would be like saying the Patriots don’t need a coach because they have won so many games. (Sorry if you are not a Patriots fan.)

Coaching is best suited to people who are doing well. In some organizations it is a benefit for the best performers. Absolutely it can help people where they are struggling but internal motivation and readiness are key factors in the success of coaching.

Coaching makes you dig deep. It can make you uncomfortable. Have you ever noticed that sometimes there is a bit of resistance before you break through to a new way of thinking? A coach is trained to help you breakthrough your old limited thinking to new possibilities.

Imagine being listened to. I mean really listened to! Imagine someone who hears your passions, sees your strengths, knows how to get you to your best strategies, improve your work/life balance and life in a much more fulfilling way. It is powerful stuff.

This is an awesome video on what coaching is and it’s benefits:


Here is a great definition from this video about coaching:

“Coaching is a guided process where somebody helps you, through the power of questions and active listening, come to your own conclusion. You have to get your own answers. These are the best answers because you are the expert for yourself. I think coaching is the leadership style for the future.”

Coaching is not advice giving.

Coaching is not therapy.

Coaching is not mentoring.

Coaching is not consulting.

Coaching is highly supportive, non-judgmental, enlightening, surprising at times and builds self-esteem.

It is really hard to describe even though I have been coaching for 12 years. It is a very experiential process.

Here’s my offer, if you have not had coaching before but are curious I’ll gladly give you a free session. This is not a sales pitch, I’m not taking on many clients right now, but I know many great coaches.

One of the best benefits of being a coach is knowing a bunch of other great coaches. We coach each other often. I love getting coached. Coaches hold the space for me - knowing that I can do something, be someone, when it might be hard to do for myself. They help me play bigger, like myself more, be more at peace.

Thanks to all my colleagues who are making life better and more meaningful for other human beings on this planet!!!

Happy Coaching Week!!!


Marilyn Orr is a Professional Certified Coach, who, through her coaching business “Capacity Building Coaching”, thrives on building both personal and organization capacity through leadership coaching and development.

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