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    Themes In Our Lives

    There are times in life when we can see themes running through our lives.Sometimes those themes are good, beautiful and feel like gifts. Sometimes the theme is hard, with hardship after hardship.Truly, after writing a book about resiliency I sure felt like I got to practice it, in some difficult circumstances.I’m actually not superstitious in general but I do joke about being careful about what you write about!Let’s ponder the idea of themes in 2 ways.1) Scientifically.When I was pregnant I noti...  Read More...

  • "Rake Your Own Leaves!"

    It’s that time of year again in Austin, Texas when the leaves have begun to fall from many of the trees for a second time in the past 7 months. It appears that many of the trees are semi-deciduous which results in their leaves falling twice a year, which was pretty surprising for this native New Englander who only ever had to rake leaves once a year during the fall season. For the 15 years since we bought our lovely home advertised with the ‘park like backyard’ in Austin my husband and I have ra...  Read More...

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