The Power of Persuasion

The Power of Persuasion


After a month away in Canada we came home to a pile of mail. Among the pieces was a "Labor Law Compliance Notice". It says in the letterhead, "Texas State Compliance" with an address on Congress in Austin. It has a document fee amount of $84.00 and a respond by Aug. 27, 2015 highlighted box. 

In fine print under the Labor Law Compliance Notice it states "Failure to comply with posting regulations can lead to fines up to $17,000."

The topic is around putting up posters regarding harassment, etc. for employees. I have no employees.

After talking to many people in the actual State of Texas department we uncover that this is a company in Florida who may or may not send you said posters when you send your money but is DEFINITELY not legally representing the State of Texas.

This week I watched a fascinating TEDx talk by Sebastian Deterding on persuasion. He says "We cannot not persuade". I love that. Every day we make hundreds of choices in how we want other people to experience us.

It is very popular today to talk about authenticity. When we truly find it, it's not always pretty. The satirist in me would love to do an honest, transparent version of this document I received. "We sell workplace posters at an extremely over-inflated price and pretend to represent State Departments. Our scare tactics are intended to make you send money out of fear of severe consequences."

As a business owner marketing is an essential part of what makes my business successful or not. We have all been so inundated with manipulative, deceitful marketing that suspicion is now a normal response to so much marketing. 

Brene Brown has one of the most watched TED talks. It is on the power of vulnerability. Authentic marketing can sometimes feel vulnerable. We want to appear bigger, smarter, more successful, more impressive than we currently are.

So, my challenge to me today, join me if you like, is to be as authentic and real as possible today, as I go to a networking event, as I go to the bank regarding financing for our future event center, as I coach, as I live with my family.

What opportunities do you have today to show up more authentically?

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