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  • Chasing Your Dream

    Isn’t it interesting that we call going after a big goal or vision “a dream”?Well, it can feel surreal. The details on how you got there can be vague. To others and to yourself, at times, it can feel less than logical.When we look at people after they have achieved their dream we can be jealous, we can minimize what it took them to get there or we can be inspired.Here’s the thing, most realized “dreams” come with a lot of work, plenty of disappointments, pain,...  Read More...

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    7 Steps for Self-Coaching

    One of the things that consistently happens to people who have had a personal coach for awhile is that they start to coach themselves. This is not bad for business as a coach, this is truly cause to celebrate!We all are guilty of living just hoping that something specific will happen in our lives but not really doing much about it. Coaching moves us to action and strategy, two of the many reasons why it is so powerful.Behind the conversational flow of a great coaching session is a model, often w...  Read More...

  • The 5-Year Plan, LOL

      Coaches are all about setting goals, creating your future, being intentional. 5-Year Plans are good things. They represent great intentionality, opportunities for clear strategies and fantastic actions to get you to that 5-year destination.   Read More...

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