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    Team Building Practices

    This Fall many companies will offer team building activities for their teams. Money and time will be spent. What really are the goals behind team building and how do they apply to you?There are a number of reasons to do team building, including:increased knowledge of teammate’s personalities and behavioral stylesincreased awareness of one’s own impact on others in the teambuild trust and rapport through shared experiences, even if they are ‘just fun’increase awareness of each team member’s speci...  Read More...

  • The Power of Storytelling

    It is summer and the perfect time to sit by the water with a great book. There is nothing like getting lost in a great novel.Last night I had the privilege of hearing Geri England, a coach from Dallas, TX, talk about the power of storytelling. It was a great evening with fellow Austin coaches, telling each other stories and having our stories heard.This is a gift both of my boys have, asking for stories.   Read More...

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