Lessons in Celebration

Lessons in Celebration

Many years ago a friend gave me a Willow Tree Angel - this one: 


I love her. I think of her as “Celebration” but she is actually “Courage”. Fascinating. 

Courage and celebration do go together I think.  

I am a celebrator. Loudly and often. (It’s great living on 20 acres where I can really be loud and not have the police come, lol.) 

It may sound strange but one of the hardest things I ask of my clients is for them to celebrate themselves and their achievements or their qualities. 

Many people find it easier to see the good in others and to celebrate others. 

I firmly believe though that the better we get at seeing the good inside ourself, the better we will get at seeing the good elsewhere. click to tweet

Let’s define humility - It is about not thinking too highly of yourself but taking an honest sober look at who you are. That includes strengths. Ignoring or minimizing your strengths, qualities, achievements is technically called “false humility”.  

That’s a tough line to walk sometimes.  

To create a habit or lifestyle of celebration you need to lay a foundation of practicing gratitude. click to tweet

They are not the same thing, gratitude and celebration, but they are linked. 

Gratitude is a feeling. I feel grateful. Celebration is active. It’s a verb.  

Taking something from thinking and feeling to action is powerful. It’s like turning up the volume on something really good for you. You know, like when your radio is on low in the car but then your favorite song comes on and you just have to crank it! (I apologize if you’ve been with me when this happens - all conversation stops.) 

So, why practice celebration? 

* It trains our brain to see the good more often and more brightly.  

* It feels good (once you get used to doing it) 

* It is contagious and brings the party to those around you 

* It gives permission to those around you to celebrate more too (culture change) 

* It breaks off shame  

* It supports our growth from passive to assertive (Assertive here being defined as ‘a true acknowledgement of what we feel and think actually getting expressed in a healthy way’.) 

So, please get celebrating - there are so many reasons to celebrate! Celebrate you, celebrate others, celebrate the good things in your life, the gifts and talents you have the honor of hosting for the world. 

I end with a double-dog-dare! 

I dare you to write a list today of 10 things about you that you can celebrate! click to tweet

Do something to celebrate them - can be as simple as a “YAHOO”, can be by doing something creative with those qualities. Maybe you take yourself out for a celebratory coffee. 

You know I’d love to hear how you celebrate! Drop me a line!!! Or tweet me @MarilynOrr1

Until next week, 


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Marilyn Orr is a Professional Certified Coach, who, through her coaching business “Capacity Building Coaching”, thrives on building both personal and organization capacity through leadership coaching and development.

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