Learning from Entrepreneurs

Learning from Entrepreneurs


If you want to get energized, spend a couple days with over one hundred entrepreneurs from around the world!!!

I just had the pleasure of doing so - attending business school for entrepreneurs in Stamford, CT. (Client Attraction Business School) Although the learning was tailored to growing your own business and working smart as owners, there are so many fantastic principles that apply to life in general.

One activity we had to do was to divide our work in to 4 quadrants:

After this thought-provoking activity we were asked to put a big X through the 3rd and 4th quadrants. Asked to stop doing them.


For many struggling business owners in the room there was a reaction of - “You don’t understand! I can’t afford to hire someone to do those things!!!”


Obviously this can’t all happen overnight but there are some important principles here for all of us.

When we focus on using our strengths and using them we really can be at our best. When we put energy in to things we are not good at we get drained and likely do them poorly.

Where do you excel? What would people say are your top strengths?

(I had homework of having to ask 10 people who know me well. Would you be willing to ask 10 people what your top unique strengths are?)

When we just admit to ourselves what we are built for, we can also admit what we are not built for. We can let go of some shame and guilt about not being good at some things that others around us are.

A great tool to help you zero in on your strengths is Strengthsfinder (by Gallup). You can pay a small fee and access your top 5 strengths or pay more and see the order of all 34 categories (worth the money in my opinion). Knowing what your bottom (least used) strengths are is also very freeing!


Who in your home, in your team, in your network is good at something that you really don’t like doing?

Someone may have a task in quadrant 1 that you have in quadrant 4. Hard to believe but true!

I recently “gave away” invoicing and bookkeeping. I am so grateful that there are people in this world that like to do that stuff, lol. It was solidly in my quadrant 4!!!

When we give away stuff that sucks the life out of us we make room for the things that we excel at, that give us life.

I strongly believe that when we focus our energy on using our strengths we will have the best impact on our world - fulfill our personal destiny, embrace our personal calling.

What makes you unique?

How do you uniquely impact the people in your life?


Executive & Leadership Coach with Capacity Building Coaching

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