Is Today the Means to an End?

Is Today the Means to an End?

You are sitting by a wonderful crackling fire. It's cool and foggy outside. You can hear the surf of the ocean even though the thick fog prevents you from seeing it. It smells amazing. It sounds amazing. It feels so warm. Ahhh. So relaxing.

There are so many things in nature that draw us in to the present moment. They mysteriously take us out of our worry about the future or our rehashing of the past and let us be present. I think that is truly why so many of us turn to nature to relax. Sitting by the ocean ... listening to birds singing ... hiking ... playing in a lake ... all of these things have the power to stop time for us. We can be okay, at peace, in this small present moment. 

As Bill and I enjoy owning land and working towards it being a beautiful center, it is so easy to be focused on what we have to do on the land, what we have to do to grow the business, what we have to do to ...  

I think the best purchase we made so far is 2 hanging chair hammocks. We stop every once in a while and sit and watch the clouds. One advantage to marrying someone when you are older is that you don't take the time you have for granted, not as easily anyway. 

There are so many helpful tips online for practical things to do that will draw you back to the present. When our mind and/or heart are racing with either past or present concerns a brief pause can go a long way. Here are some simple ideas you can do anywhere, anytime:

  • Pay attention to your breath for 3-10 breaths
  • Notice all the sensations you can while washing your hands - the feel of the water, the smell of the soap ...
  • Take a moment and write yourself something using your non-dominant hand
  • Hold a deep breath and count to 7 then slowly exhale
  • Listen to the sound of the ocean for a few minutes (youtube has plenty)
  • If desperate, watch the fireplace or fishtank channel on cable :)

I love this quote from Eckhart Tolle taken from an interview with Oprah. "The way that most people live is that everything you do is the means to an end. The end is where you want to get to - the next moment."

What tools will you use today to remind yourself to be present in this moment?



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