Chasing Your Dream

Chasing Your Dream

Isn’t it interesting that we call going after a big goal or vision “a dream”?

Well, it can feel surreal. The details on how you got there can be vague. To others and to yourself, at times, it can feel less than logical.

When we look at people after they have achieved their dream we can be jealous, we can minimize what it took them to get there or we can be inspired.

Here’s the thing, most realized “dreams” come with a lot of work, plenty of disappointments, pain, the temptation to quit (over and over) and usually onlookers that tell you that the dream, or you, are crazy.

Currently, Bill and I are on the path to creating a wellness retreat and wedding venue. There have been curveballs in the process that we sure did not anticipate. A few times one or the other of us questioned if it was worth it.

As an example, a recent curveball we have had as we finalize financing for the big buildings is that the bank won’t let us live on our property during the year of building. (There is a strong Homestead Act in Texas that is meant to protect homeowners against creditors.)


What keeps us going when discouraging setbacks happen?

Always, it’s a clear grasp on the ultimate vision. The “Why”.

- What are the reasons you started towards your dream in the first place?

- What will the benefits be when your dream comes true?

- How will lives or the world be changed?

- How will you benefit?

- If you don’t finish pursuing your dream what will the consequences be?

This “Why” will be important throughout the life of your business or organization, if that is what your dream is about. If you want inspiration here, Simon Sinek’s TED talk is always worth a listen:

The reality is that each of our dreams is unique to us. We can’t just hope that someone else will accomplish our dream for us. The dreams you have, the ideas for you and futures you want to create, are unique to you - they come out of your passions, your gifts, your experiences, your needs, your insight.

I would argue that there is often a spiritual component behind them - be that God, the universe, shared humanity, whatever you see that as. The dream Bill and I share will create a space for healing, celebration, connection, peace and learning. 

It is worth fighting for. It is worth putting up with some discomfort for.

What are your dreams?

Have you shelved one because it was too discouraging?

Dream chasing requires a lot of support. It takes a village (of friends) to get to the realization of most of our dreams.

What supports would help you right now to make your dreams become reality?

Want some homework?

Take five minutes and write down the answers to your “why”. Share them with at least one person. If I can help you dream or work through a hard spot in your dream, I’d love to.

Until next time,


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