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    Benefits of Diversity

    When I was eighteen months old I moved to live in a new country. Belgium. Not long later I was living in Germany.   Read More...

  • Diversity and Support

    Likely you would all agree that you want to be supportive to your friends and family. Me too. We want to encourage them in their endeavors, listen to their dreams and disappointments, celebrate with them and love them how they most enjoy being loved.This is a time in world history when we talk so openly about embracing diversity.   Read More...

  • Black and White

    Not sure what it says about me but I love to have people blindfolded and led around while blindfolded. This, by the way, is usually part of a leadership training activity, not just with total strangers at the grocery store! When I debrief this activity one thing that always comes up is that even with strict instructions to the leaders to stay totally quiet, the people being led automatically are trying to figure out who is leading them. Why? When I push on this, the answer I get i...  Read More...

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