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    Why 2 Thanksgivings Aren’t Enough!

    Being a Canadian living in the States I get 2 Thanksgivings. Life is good! (I don’t even eat turkey :) )As Bill and I create our dream together we have so much to be grateful for.   Read More...

  • 7 “Cures” for Grumpiness

    We all have those days. We are just plain grumpy.You know the feeling. You can’t put your finger on one thing you are angry about or sad about.   Read More...

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    Well, What Did You Expect?

    “Don’t get your hopes up”, “Lower your expectations”, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”.As advice goes, I personally think these 3 expressions are usually bad advice. (Honestly, they are sayings that push some invisible button deep inside of me!)It would seem that the idea behind them is that if you aren’t expecting much you won’t be as disappointed when you don’t get it.Maybe.I’m not so sure. Maybe you experienc...  Read More...

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