7 Brilliant Ideas - Client Wisdom

7 Brilliant Ideas - Client Wisdom

One of the amazing benefits of being a coach to brilliant leaders is adopting the incredible strategies that they already have or that they create in coaching. I have been benefiting from many of these ideas so I thought today I’d share them with you. (The odd one may have been mine.) 

Consider this a brilliant ideas download, not necessarily in any kind of order. If it reminds you of some of your brilliant ideas, I would love it if you send them to me!

  1. When you have something significant that you have to work on, figure out about how many hours you need and allot time in your calendar like real appointments.
  2. Select a few times per day to check email (everyone is different for how often) and avoid it at other times so that you can concentrate on priorities versus being pulled in to less important things based on what emails pop up (or texts for that matter).
  3. Check in on your emotions a couple of times a day (lunch and end of day often works). If you don’t pause to acknowledge stuff that has happened it will both subtly impact you and may come out passive-aggressively!  Check out this Handy Emotion Chart
  4. This one was mine: Tell yourself “I am not 9-1-1”. (This worked great until I did some training with 9-1-1 operators, lol.)
  5. Even if your work does not easily allow for true unconnected vacations or weekends, limit the work time and pre-determine when you have work-free zones so that you don’t carry around the stress of wondering what crisis is waiting. This allows you to tell yourself - I will check e-mails/calls, etc. at 8am tomorrow, for example.                                      
  6. If you are getting feedback on what you are getting done (or not done), ask for a weekly meeting with your supervisor to review and create the priority list. Sometimes bosses do not realize or remember how many things you are actually doing.
  7. When you feel stuck on something or simply need to brainstorm, ask someone to help you, not by advising or sharing ideas, but by asking you questions. It even works if you give them the questions you want to be asked! When I teach coaching skills I use a training activity where people can only ask questions that begin with "What ...?" Being able to think out loud with someone brings a remarkable number of breakthroughs! 

Since I love to ask you questions I will leave you with this one:

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